Mini Portfolio

Project Repair- Kepler-90b

Project Rebuild is an idea that makes sure that the products designed can be repairable. This means using modular parts and not glueing the product, alongside using non-propitiatory parts.

This Speaker is the first in systems of products where repair- ability and upgrade-ability is taken into consideration throughout the whole design process.

User repariable fan

The brief was to make a sustainable fan.

I had the idea to take old parts to make new products, this would take old fan motors and give them new use in a longer-lasting body.

As most fans that are bought in shops are made from plastic and its the casing or dust that fails the fan

Outdoor Learning Enviroment

For this module we were tasked with designing a outdoor learning environment for a primary school, this task was set by a company called iDesign. iDesign specialises in learning environments and school furniture

I chose to make an outside reading environment, as some kids like to read in their spare time but I found in m research lots of schools do not have dedicated reading areas.

The design means I can be used in all weathers as this client was based in UK

User Interchangeable Tool Holster

For this module, we were working with a third party company called Plan B. They are a fabric specialist that makes work clothes and high visibility jackets. They also do 100% recycling with the used cloths they get back.

They wanted us to design a product from all the recycled plastic.

I came up with a tool holder for manual laborious who need to carry many tools at one time. The parts were injection moulded and could easily be recycled as I designed it to break apart when loads of force is applied, with something like a mechanical recycling shredder.